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We Should All Be Concerned About Net Neutrality

Written by Steven A. Sigmond and Juliette Sigmond Today is Net Neutrality Day. You have no doubt already seen reminders of the debate cropping up in hashtags and banners throughout your daily online activities, so you likely already know that … Continue reading

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What You Should Know About the So-Called “Protecting Access to Care Act”

The Protecting Access to Care Act is a brazen misnomer; the only thing this bill, also known as H.R. 1215, would protect is wrongdoers’ immunity from the legal process. I have dealt in dozens of medical malpractice cases. I know … Continue reading

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Workers’ Comp: the Democratic Proposals to Help Business

If you live in Illinois, you are more than likely already aware of Governor Rauner’s continued to refusal to submit a state budget unless he gets his way on workers’ compensation “reform”, despite the fact that reforms were already enacted … Continue reading

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On Presidents Day we celebrate two of our great heros, Washington and Lincoln, as well as all of the other men that have held the office.  Also, we celebrate the office itself.  The person holding the office is the leader … Continue reading

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